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Spike dark

Love Curse

Posted by spike_survives on 2006.08.16 at 19:10

Continued from Here

Tara goes over the shielding spell ritual again, for Dawn's benefit. My attention is divided between listening to her words and watching the perimeter. I'm fully aware how fucking unrelenting the members of the Order of Taraka can be. They'll keep coming till the job is done.


Once she's done talking I join in the ritual. My focus still fifty-fifty on what we were doing. I feel like a fucking sitting duck on a porch in the middle of goddamn the day. But I gotta do all I can to keep us safe while we're on the run.


The symbols on the porch started to glow, the herbs were doing something, too, Dawn was watching Tara with wide eyed fascination. I'd be more impressed if I didn't have this nagging feeling that someone's watching us.


I was right. I hear the gun being cocked, and I push Dawn and Tara to the ground at the same time as the first gunshot is fired. I protect them with my body as best I can.


"Crawl inside the house," I tell them, and we all start moving.


Why bullets, I keep asking myself. They must know bullets don't hurt me.


"Fuck!" I exclaim aloud as I realize that the contract is for Dawn. Whoever put it out is a sadistic son of a bitch. This doesn’t narrow the list of suspects. Most of my acquaintances fall in this category.


When the girls are finally inside the house, I turn around, game face on, and I run toward the unlucky shooter. It takes me a while to catch up with him. He's a fast little demon. Soon, he's a dead little demon.


A car screeches to a halt in the driveway. I see the red witch of the east coast run inside the house. I'm going back myself, one of my sleeves smoking from exposure to sunlight. As I bend to pick up the umbrella, I hear one shot.


"DAWN!" I scream and slam in the invisible barrier when I try to run inside. "DAAAWN!"


A blue light, like a very powerful flashlight of a camera, comes from inside the house. I hear Dawn calling Tara's name. She sounds like she's drowning in tears and pain, and it's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.


"Dawn! Come here!" I bark.


The tone of command works. She comes outside running. I catch her in my arms. Her entire body shakes with sobs. I hold her tight, and rock her gently. I know we should leave, but I can't seem able to move. I'm relieved that Dawn's fine, but from her sobs, I understand that Tara is not.


I see movement inside the house and I start moving toward the car, pulling Dawn after me.


"It's just Willow," Dawn says.


But it's not just Willow. The woman who walks out of the house is a dark version of the old Willow Rosenberg. Her eyes are completely black, and I can feel the power cracking all around her.


"You killed her," dark Willow says.


Dawn is trying to talk to her, tell her it's not true, but I know the witch is past understanding. Past reason. I know the depth of her pain. And I know something else, there's no turning back for her. She doesn't have anything to tether her to sanity, the way I had Dawn, my anchor and my salvation. If the dark witch thinks I'm responsible for it, nothing will change her mind.


I push Dawn behind me, and I face her. There can be no running.


Dawn screams understanding and she jumps in front of me, talking, talking, uselessly talking to Willow.


It takes an eternity for the black eyes to leave mine. She looks at Dawn. She looks back at me.


"You are responsible for her death. You will pay for it."


shining_key at 2006-08-17 01:08 (UTC) (Link)
I can't help but feel a little cool as the symbols light up on the porch. I'm impressed at how it only took us one try and it seems to be working already.

Right as I'm completely engrossed with Tara and the spell Spike shoves us to the ground. His body is crushing me as I hear a bullet wiz by.

Spike says something, but I can't tell what. Tara and he start towards the house and I follow suit. We make it inside, but Spike is still stuck out there. I don't have time to watch, to see how he is fairing.

Tara and I are huddled low on the floor in a corner. We stay there, not knowing what to do. She turns to tell me something. Then there is a crash through the window. Everything is happening too fast and too slow at the same time.

There is blood. Everywhere. On me, on her. I don't know how any of it got there. Tara stares at me blankly.

"oh, you're shirt," she's staring at the blood stain on my chest as she falls to the floor and stops moving.

What? No, this isn't happening. Tara doesn't die. She doesn't. She never did anything to anyone. She's not leaving us. WE NEED her.

I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Am I holding my hands over her wound, am I in the fetal position, am I crying, am I shaking. My nerves are as confused as I feel. I hear myself yelling her name. I feel my throat screaming.

Flashes go by me, but I can't see them. Clouds rise up above me. Demons talking to someone. Willow, my brain says to me. Willow has come home. Willow knows, she feels the pain, she feels like me.

After what feels like forever Spike snaps me out of my non coherent state. I hear him yelling for me. I run to him, or at least, I feel the wind pass me. I can't tell what I'm doing.

He starts to drag me away, but I stutter out something. Something about Willow. Inside I'm telling myself that we can't just leave her.

Willow comes out of the house. It looks like ink has been injected into her veins. Her skin is see through and her blood is pumping black.

I go to talk to her. To console. She's scaring me. My deep sorrow is shadowed by my fear of her.

"You are responsible for her death. You will pay for it."

Her intentions are unclear. I can't tell if she is talking to me or Spike. I'm not sure if she even cares. She is going to kill us both. I can feel the magic radiating off of her. It's inside her, just like it's inside me.

If it wasn't time to run before, it's time now.
spike_survives at 2006-08-17 16:20 (UTC) (Link)
I push Dawn out of the way.

"Run along now," I tell her in the coolest tone I possess. "Willow and I have to talk."

I've seen witches before, I've seen power and I've seen pain. I can recognize all of it in the utterly insane woman facing us. She will not be stopped. When Dawn doesn’t move, continuing to shield me with her own body I squeeze her hand so tight I nearly break the bones.

"Leave now, Dawn," I say. "This is my fault. I have to pay for it."

Dawn gasps, in pain and shock.

"But it's not your fault," she says.

Why doesn't she understand? I'm ready to die for her. Why is she refusing my sacrifice?

Willow raises her hands, and opens her mouth to utter the punishment. I shove Dawn behind me again, but she won't leave. Willow tilts her head to the side. She lowers her hands. Is she coming out of darkness? I don't dare believe it.

Dawn her hand jerks free of my grip and runs to Willow. She hugs the witch, crying, and telling her how sorry she is that Tara's gone, and that she loves her.

I keep watching them, still feeling death surrounding us all. After a while, Willow pats Dawn's hair. The gesture seems unnatural to her.

"Leave now. I wish to be with Tara."

I take Dawn's hand, and I drag her to the car. She's staggering. I don’t care. We have to leave.

The wind carries the words to my ear. They’re so faint, I can't be sure if I heard them, or if they’re made up by my fears.

"You will both pay."
shining_key at 2006-08-20 18:30 (UTC) (Link)
I wont let him put himself in danger because of me. This isn't his fault, and besides Willow wouldn't hurt us. She can't. I know her.

I run to Willow. She needs to be comforted. She'll understand. She holds me in a stiff embrace.

She needs to be alone with Tara, and Spike and I need to go. We can't put Willow in danger as well.

Before I know it Spike has dragged me to the car, and I am driving. I don't know where. We're just going. Spike is crouched in the passenger sheet. Well, he's more on the passenger floor. Curled up as much as possible. He looks like a snake.

We drive until night fall and then stop at some motel. I feel like a death magnet.
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