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Casting the Love Curse

Posted by fallen_willow on 2006.09.14 at 16:12
Current Mood: enragedin pain


It is a beautiful summer day, but I can sense doom closing in. It makes the sunny day feel darker than the stormiest winter night. My skin seems covered in slime. The magick all around is chocking me.


I walk out in the middle of the class. I wasn't paying attention anyway. I walk in the first empty room, which happens to be a biology lab. I lock it behind me magically before I start the ritual.


I've never done a query ritual in such speed. The buzz of urgency is deafening. It's like a swarm of wasps has enveloped me. I want to put my hands over my ears but I know it wouldn't help.


My hands are shaking as I draw the pentagram. It's not good shaking either. It's fear. Terror. I left my mind too open to the power in the attempt to soak as much of it as I can, and now I'm channeling something.


I don't care. I have to know what's going on. Something cold and dark seems to wrap itself around me. I taste bile in my mouth. I don't have any herbs or crystals to use to perform the spell. I'll have to do it using raw magic. It's going to hurt and tear parts of my mind, but I'm too afraid not to do it. I break a glass beaker and use a shard to make a cut across my palm. I let the blood drip on the chalk outline of the pentagram to seal the circuit, willing my power to bend the laws of nature and learn the future before it unfolds.


The image comes hitting me with the force of a lightning strike. I sway under its power. Blood. Death. Love. Absence of love.


"TARAAA!" I scream.


I point my hand to the lab door, causing it to explode with a simple flexing of my will. I growl in frustration when I can't make the teleportation spell work on me. I run to the car and step on the gas all the way to the floor as I drive home. Through the blinding pain which is the unavoidable repercussion of casting the spell directly, I manage to mutter a wind spell to help me drive even faster.


Everything around me is a blur in my rush to get inside, to get to Tara. I've only taken a few steps inside the house when I hear the shot. The warm light that was part of me for the past few months blinks out of existence. I am too aware of reality to be able to deny to myself, even for a second, that Tara is no longer part of this world.


I run into the death room, the human part of me wanting to be next to her. Too much of myself is already crossed over to see the dead body as more than the shell of the woman I loved. The pain is too dark and too intense to hold inside. It bursts out of me, like blue lightning, death courses through me, from the tips of my fingers, into the demons. Her murderers.




I know it's not my voice. Something runs past me, looks like a girl, but I cannot see very well. I look at my lover's body. There is no light in the world. Only dark pain.


Sounds make their way to me. It sounds like a bark. Sounds like a hell hound barking in obscene welcoming of the beautiful soul that left us.


I force the noise into a speech pattern.


"Dawn, come here."


Cold awareness makes the pain worse. I understand now. I know who is to blame for her death. I cannot run anymore. I stalk out of the house, ready to inflict punishment on the real killers.


The vampire and the girl are still outside. The undead can feel it. He is afraid now. He tries to shield the girl from me. Silly dead man. I can blast both of them into nothingness with less effort than it takes for me to keep breathing now.


"You killed her," I say. I want them to know what they pay for.


The girl jumps out the dead man's grasp. She is talking to me. Her whiny begging doesn't reach me in the form of words. I can't even see her as anything other than an energy pattern. A whiny, slimy greenish blob. The vampire is like a black rip in the patterns of life. His voice sounds like a bark. They're talking to me.


"You are responsible for her death. You will pay for it," I have to force myself through blindness and pain to enunciate the words.


Their words mean nothing to me. I need them to understand why they are going to die.


I raise my hands to unleash my power fueled by pain in the form of the blue flash, bringer of death. I know it's not enough but I cannot think of a worse thing I can do to them.


I pause. I see another pattern. The green energy and the black are intertwined. I have only seen this once. Mine and Tara's. The connection between the killers is stronger than death. If they die together, their energies would melt into one another. It would be no punishment at all.


I stand back from the spell casting stance. I let them think I changed my mind. The girl hugs my physical body and I have to contain the urge to push her away. Her touch is like acid on my skin. I have to push the down the pain and reach for the remnants of my humanity to set up the lies.


"Leave now. I wish to be with Tara."


Yes. This is something they would believe. The fools. I am no fool. I know that I cannot be with her. Not for a long time.


They walk away, and I study the design of the green and black energy fused around the edges, stripes of black invading the green, and green stripes across the black. I smile. Now I know how they can be punished.


I'll use the strength of their connection to make them consume one another. I dig the nails of my right hand in the cut I have made with the shard of glass across my left palm.


"You will both pay," I whisper, letting the blood drip to the ground, sealing my promise.


I go back in the house, my mind focused on refining the love curse.

Posted by shining_key on 2006.09.01 at 12:30
The place is practically empty. Silent too. Except maybe a few scuffling noises made by priest in back rooms. I'm surprised I didn't burst into flames at the entrance after what I had just snogged.

I'm not quite sure where to go. I stand in the middle of an isle, slowly walking towards the front altar. Confession booths on the right. I'm not sure if I should go in one and wait for a priest; just to ask for the holy water.

Before I can make a decision on what to do a creepily thin man walks out from the back. He is wearing the attire of a preacher. The way he's looking at me makes me nervous. Sort of makes me want to run back to the hotel.

"Ec-Excuse me?" I stammer.
"Yes, dear?" He cocks his head to the side. His blank, emotionless expression sets my skin crawling.

"Uh, could I, possibly, get some holy water?" I try to smile. It comes out as a nervous smirk.

"Why, of course. May I ask why? Wording off evil spirits? The devil himself, maybe an unwanted boyfriend?"

Oh if only he knew. I tell him it's like a security blanket. Just in case I need it. He nods and tells me to follow him. He leads me to the door that he came out of. Everything inside this little chapel is large and wooden. Eerie, not comforting.

I stop at the door, but he continues. He's looking through a desk. He tells me to come in, but I'm a statue. I know better than to enter a room alone with a creepy male. Even if I wasn't the slayer's sister, I have common sense.

He takes matters into his own hands though. Walks behind me, shuffles me in and shuts the door. He son after hands me a vile of what he says is holy water.

"You don't seem like one who would be afraid of monsters."
"I'm not afraid. I'm cautious."

We're close at this point. Physically. We are a mere six inches a part. My palms are sweating and my insides are yelling at me to run along home. He cocks his head once more and stares blankly at my eyes again. Like a cat looking at something shiny.

I can see without looking down how he raises both hands slightly. His nails, or I should say claws, are poised. I'm not waiting any longer. With the bottle gripped almost too tight in my left hand I reach for the door knob with my right.

I fling it open and run.

spike batman

Love Curse, post 3

Posted by spike_survives on 2006.08.18 at 23:36

Please, feed_theplayers!

Continued from here

~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~         ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~         ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~         ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

Thank God she doesn't drive like her sister! We got to a motel safe, sound and crisp-free. Despite the decent driving, every bone in my body was hurting from being stuck in that position. There hadn't been much of a choice. From any other angle, all I could see was Dawn's body. Either her long, tanned legs. Or her cute, tight tummy. Or her pert breasts that bounced with every little bump in the road. 'f course, I could 've kept my eyes closed. Except, I couldn't.


In any other circumstances, I'd take two rooms, or, if finances required, I'd sleep in car. I don’t hesitate for a second to ask for only one room. I go back to the car musing over the fact that this is the first time in a hundred years I have an official identity. The scoobies have grudgingly helped me get everything so that I could get official custody of Dawn. The papers had been good enough for social services. They were good enough for the motel clerk.


Dawn was getting her stuff out of the trunk. Damn! I had nothing to sleep in. Sleeping naked has never been a problem for me, but considering my roommate, that would be quite unsuitable.


I give her the key to our room, and I pick up all the bags. I start following her, but as soon as I realize that my eyes are glued to her ass, I drop my gaze to the ground. Bloody hell! Since the damn contract is on her, I don't even have the option of leaving her with the scoobies. According to the clerk, the room had twin beds at least.


Dawn's going into the shower. I bolt out the door. Need to make a quick sweep around the motel. I'm sort of sure that the assassins hadn't caught up with us. Need to be away from Dawn for a while. This damn situation is pushing us closer. Too close for her own good. I'm keeping it under control for now, but if this shit keeps up like this, I know I'll fall into my old ways, chip be damn!


When I get back, I'm treated to another "towel only" vision of her body. I have to look down. She's gone and grown up on me. I get out the book Tara gave us, and focus on it while she's getting dressed. Before we turn off the lights, I do some of the cloaking spells.


I tuck her in bed, then bend over to kiss her forehead.


"We'll get over this, Bit," I tell her.


She squeezes my hand. I squeeze it back. I want to kiss her again. Forehead, cheeks, eyes, mouth. No. Not mouth. Not neck either.


I undress, trying hard to think of nothng but the danger surrounding us. I get in my bed, making sure that the sheet covers as much of me as possible. I know I shouldn't be naked in the same room with her, but we might not get another chance to sleep indoors for a while, so I make the best of it. Sure as hell I can't sleep naked in the same car with her.


She falls asleep sooner than I had hoped. I drift to sleep, such a shallow sleep that as soon as Dawn's breathing changes I'm wide awake. I'm kneeling next to her bed before she lets out the scream.


"It's just a dream, luv. Wake up now," I whisper, caressing her hair.

Spike dark

Love Curse

Posted by spike_survives on 2006.08.16 at 19:10

Continued from Here

Tara goes over the shielding spell ritual again, for Dawn's benefit. My attention is divided between listening to her words and watching the perimeter. I'm fully aware how fucking unrelenting the members of the Order of Taraka can be. They'll keep coming till the job is done.


Once she's done talking I join in the ritual. My focus still fifty-fifty on what we were doing. I feel like a fucking sitting duck on a porch in the middle of goddamn the day. But I gotta do all I can to keep us safe while we're on the run.


The symbols on the porch started to glow, the herbs were doing something, too, Dawn was watching Tara with wide eyed fascination. I'd be more impressed if I didn't have this nagging feeling that someone's watching us.


I was right. I hear the gun being cocked, and I push Dawn and Tara to the ground at the same time as the first gunshot is fired. I protect them with my body as best I can.


"Crawl inside the house," I tell them, and we all start moving.


Why bullets, I keep asking myself. They must know bullets don't hurt me.


"Fuck!" I exclaim aloud as I realize that the contract is for Dawn. Whoever put it out is a sadistic son of a bitch. This doesn’t narrow the list of suspects. Most of my acquaintances fall in this category.


When the girls are finally inside the house, I turn around, game face on, and I run toward the unlucky shooter. It takes me a while to catch up with him. He's a fast little demon. Soon, he's a dead little demon.


A car screeches to a halt in the driveway. I see the red witch of the east coast run inside the house. I'm going back myself, one of my sleeves smoking from exposure to sunlight. As I bend to pick up the umbrella, I hear one shot.


"DAWN!" I scream and slam in the invisible barrier when I try to run inside. "DAAAWN!"


A blue light, like a very powerful flashlight of a camera, comes from inside the house. I hear Dawn calling Tara's name. She sounds like she's drowning in tears and pain, and it's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.


"Dawn! Come here!" I bark.


The tone of command works. She comes outside running. I catch her in my arms. Her entire body shakes with sobs. I hold her tight, and rock her gently. I know we should leave, but I can't seem able to move. I'm relieved that Dawn's fine, but from her sobs, I understand that Tara is not.


I see movement inside the house and I start moving toward the car, pulling Dawn after me.


"It's just Willow," Dawn says.


But it's not just Willow. The woman who walks out of the house is a dark version of the old Willow Rosenberg. Her eyes are completely black, and I can feel the power cracking all around her.


"You killed her," dark Willow says.


Dawn is trying to talk to her, tell her it's not true, but I know the witch is past understanding. Past reason. I know the depth of her pain. And I know something else, there's no turning back for her. She doesn't have anything to tether her to sanity, the way I had Dawn, my anchor and my salvation. If the dark witch thinks I'm responsible for it, nothing will change her mind.


I push Dawn behind me, and I face her. There can be no running.


Dawn screams understanding and she jumps in front of me, talking, talking, uselessly talking to Willow.


It takes an eternity for the black eyes to leave mine. She looks at Dawn. She looks back at me.


"You are responsible for her death. You will pay for it."

Spike dark

Love Curse

Posted by spike_survives on 2006.08.11 at 01:54


She should be back from school any minute. She's had gym today – I'm a freakin' soccer dad! Except for the part where I should pick her up from school, and I can't 'cause the sun's up. But I know her schedule better than she does herself. I hate it when she has gym 'cause she gets to shower before she gets home and I can't sniff her right. Can't smell anyone else on her. She's at that age where she's getting ready to do more than just hold hands with boys. I know that they sure as hell are ready for more. I know by smell all the boys who have ever touched her. I saw how they look at her when she walks away. The porch reeks of their arousal after she kisses them goodbye on the doorstep.


I chop off vegetables with too much gusto. I imagine chopping off their groping little fingers, their eager little dicks. But I can't do that, can I? Not with the sodding chip in my head. Not with a little girl who looks up to me like I'm a god. Yet, I know that if they ever touch her, if they ever defile her, if they... I'm gonna take the blinding pain and snap their necks.


I glance at the clock again. She's running late. It's only minutes, it's still daylight, but I cannot help the worry. Despite the bile in my throat at the thought of her snogging some dorky high school boy, I fuckin' hope that's the worst that can happen to her.


She's an hour late.


I zap through the TV channels while her meal is growing cold in the kitchen. I'm fighting the urge to pick up the phone. But who can I call? The whelp? He'd only take it as proof I'm not fit to be her guardian. I could call Tara, but she has classes. I know I can't call Willow. Red's beginning to give me the willies. And no one gives me the willies anymore.


I feel like exhaling when I hear her key in the door.


She's sauntering in, an hour and a half later than I expected her. I'm not showing her that I'm relieved to see her with arms and legs still attached. I want to go to my room to get some shut eye before I go patrolling tonight. Can't do that now. Have to give her a lesson first. We live on a Hellmouth and she should know better than keep me waiting.


I take her bag taking the opportunity to smell her as best I can without letting her know I do it. I throw it on the couch carelessly. She opens her mouth to say something. I can feel it in my bones that it's going to be something nice and carefree. I raise my eyebrow, and she closes her mouth.


"Food's cold," I say, sounding like a needy housewife even to myself.


No, maybe the growl in my voice says more than the words. It should say that I'm pissed off. It should sound even to her ditzy teenage ears like she should know better than to keep me waiting without as much as a phone call.


I'm going to my room wondering if she can read my anger in the set of my shoulders. I shake my head. At least she's not smelling of boys, or sex. Ice cream. She was smelling of vanilla and strawberry ice cream.